Corporate Responsibility

Aker Energy 7404

Everything Aker Energy does, shall be to the common interest of our owners, partners and the society.

As an oil company, Aker Energy governs valuable resources, and needs to make sure that its operations benefit the societies where we are present, in Ghana, Norway and other countries where we operate.

Aker Energy will act responsibly towards all stakeholders in our operations. Everything that Aker Energy does should be to the common interest of our owners, partners, the impacted communities and the society at large. We aim to earn and maintain the support of society through responsible and sustainable operations and to constantly prioritise safety, rigorous risk management and compliance with the applicable regulatory framework. We acknowledge our role in supporting countries on their path to sustainable development and seek to work together with governments and communities to contribute to sustainable growth, to create jobs and to invest in people.

The company is committed to making a real difference in the Ghanaian economy. We seek to build local capacity, to increase employment and local procurement, and aim to share our knowledge and expertise acquired through decades of oil and gas experience in the Aker Group.

Aker Energy will also perform human rights, social and environmental due diligence where applicable, to ensure that our operations do not negatively affect human rights, and that we avoid or mitigate as much as possible, any potential negative effects of our operations on society and the environment.