Mission, Vision and Values

Aker Energy Brand Identity5

Our Mission and Vision

We are building the oil and gas operator of choice offshore Ghana – by maturing and producing resources in a safe, efficient and reliable manner to the mutual benefit of company, partners and the people of Ghana.

Our Values

Our actions and decisions are guided by our Values.


  • We are open to new ideas and perspectives
  • We are open towards each other and our partners, suppliers and stakeholders
  • We are open about ethical dilemmas and the challenges we face
  • We act with integrity and have zero tolerance for corruption
  • We are advocates for transparency

Safe, Secure & Sustainable

  • We never compromise on safety and continuously strive for zero accidents
  • We focus on employee health and on improving the work environment
  • We take personal responsibility for safe and secure operations because we care about our people and the environment
  • We contribute to value creation in Ghana through sustainable development and operations


  • We are entrepreneurial, curious and innovative
  • We ask bold questions, look for new opportunities and are always improving
  • We challenge the limits of offshore technology and organisational agility


  • We always base our decisions on facts and analysis
  • We believe our strength lies in our ability to make swift decisions
  • We believe our competitive edge lies in our ability to fast-track complex projects and deliver on our promises


  • We care about our people and the society in which we operate
  • We keep an open dialogue in the communities where we work
  • We seek to understand each other and believe respecting different viewpoints and experiences is key to collaboration

Value Creating

  • We always seek new solutions and opportunities to create additional value
  • We contribute to equity and inclusive development
  • We contribute to prosperity for the society in which we operate
  • We support the creation and growth of local companies
  • We value the contribution of each individual