Aker Energy 7355

Aker Energy aims to become the leading offshore operator oil and gas operator in Ghana, by maturing resources to producing reserves in an efficient, safe and reliable manner.

The company will also take a principal role in developing the Ghanaian oil and gas industry through the transfer of technology, know–how and skills development.

Over the next few years, Aker Energy envisages several field developments and numerous opportunities for local staff and services on the offshore installations, base operations for support of offshore operations. It is an important task to develop local fabrication capacity and support a long-term ambition of cooperating with Ghanaian suppliers to grow the industry. Aker Energy is adamant that it will conduct its business in a manner consistent with Ghana’s stated ambition to ensure the development of local services to its oil and gas industry.

Aker Energy will base its operating model on an integrated, flexible and efficient structure for decision making, based on alliances with suppliers, enabling seamless collaboration and aligned incentives. The company will build a flexible and agile organisation that is well positioned for growth and take a leading role in the digitalisation of the oil and gas operations.