Pål Ove Sukka VP Reservoir Development Central Team

Aker Energy 7124 Sukka

Pål Ove Sukka is eager to apply his technological expertise to building a new company with a bold vision for the future.

“Aker Energy is an exciting company. Also, the macro-economic environment combined with the growing need for energy in the world makes me optimistic on behalf of the new company,” says Pål Ove Sukka.

Pål Ove holds a physics degree from the University of Bergen, and he has since graduating worked for industry and energy companies such as Hydro, Statoil, Det norske oljeselskap and Aker BP.

It is truly inspiring to work with such an experienced team

Pål Ove Sukka

“Aker Energy has some of the same «start-up spirit» as I remember from other young energy companies. Quick decision-making, and a fast-paced working environment. For me it is also intriguing to be able to gain international experience, as I have previously worked mainly on the Norwegian continental shelf,” Pål Ove says.

He believes digitalisation will make the future of the energy industry particularly exciting.

“We see rapid changes in terms of digitalisation of our industry. I believe we have a very interesting future ahead of us,” he says about the challenges awaiting him and his colleagues.

“It is truly inspiring to work with such an experienced team. I´m happy to be a part of a solution-oriented working environment, with colleagues who are not afraid of taking on a challenge. There is always room for challenging discussions, but when the decision is made, the whole team gets to work and delivers 100%,” he adds.

When Pål Ove is not working on the PoD-project for the Pecan field, he spends most of his free time with his family and particularly his three young children (one son and two daughters). As a football coach for his two youngest, he leads an active life both at and outside work.